Allotments – Contact Mr George Clarke on 01628 664226

Drains – In the event of any problems with drains in public places you will need to contact Transport for Bucks on 0845 230 2882 or email tfb@buckscc.gov.uk

Fly Posting – If you see posters and signs put up in public spaces this will usually be fly posting and the land owner is allowed to take these down. If you see this on a verge or lamppost please contact Transport for Bucks on 0845 230 2882 or email tfb@buckscc.gov.uk or contact us and we will follow this up for you.

Fly tipping – Please alert SBDC to any fly tipping issues. Contact the environment team at SBDC on 01895 837200 or email environment@southbucks.gov.uk

Footpaths – If you are concerned about any of the footpaths, please contact the Rights of Way team at Bucks County Council 01296 395000. Attached is a map of the footpaths in Taplow.

Hall Hire – Please click here to access our webpage dealing with how you can hire either or both of our village halls.

Litter – If the litter is on the Village Green, the hall car park or in the Old Priory Gardens, please contact us. Otherwise please alert SBDC. Contact the environment team at SBDC on 01895 837200 or email environment@southbucks.gov.uk.

Meetings – All parish council meetings and committee meetings are public meetings which any member of the public or press can attend. An opportunity will be given in the first 15 minutes of the meeting for anyone attending to have their say.

Planning – SBDC are the planning authority. If you wish to make any comments on an application or notify them of any breaches of planning regulations, contact SBDC on 01895 837200 or email planning@southbucks.gov.uk

Police – The parish council works closely with the neighbourhood police. Your local PCSO is:

Telephone: 101 (Non Emergency); Int: 01628 665956; Mobile: 07800 702 570
E-mail: angela.oconnell@thamesvalley.pnn.police.uk

Potholes – Potholes are rated in different categories and only category one potholes will be repaired as a matter of priority.How do I report a pothole? You can report potholes, as well as any other road issue, using the Report It forms on the county council website. In an emergency, for instance a severe road defect, a flooded road, or a tree in the road, you can always call Transport for Buckinghamshire on 01296 382416 or 486630 (out of hours). The online reporting tool is at www.buckscc.gov.uk/services/transport-and-roads/report-a-problem/report-a-pothole/


Streetlighting – Streetlighting along main roads such as the A4 are the responsibility of BCC. However, most of the village lights have been installed and maintained by the Parish Council so please contact us if you have any concerns about village streetlighting.

Traffic calming – BCC are responsible for road safety but the Parish Council is committed to doing what it can to ease congestion and make parish roads safer for our residents. To this end we have acquired a Moveable Vehicle Activated Sign for use on a number of our parish roads where residents have identified speeding as an issue.

Trees – The trees on the village green and in the Old Priory Gardens are managed by the Parish Council. Arboricultural surveys are regularly undertaken and any necessary safety work promptly carried out. However, there are always risks associated with trees, particularly in bad weather, so if you become aware of any concerns regarding a tree managed by us please contact us.

Vegetation – Overgrown vegetation is a regular problem, particularly on the parish roads. BCC is responsible for cutting back or arranging for land owners to cut back where necessary if the vegetation is affecting roads, verges or footways. Contact Transport for Bucks on 0845 230 2882 or email tfb@buckscc.gov.uk.

Village Green, Halls and Car park – These are managed by the Parish Council. In case of concern, please contact us.