Planning Applications
The Planning Authority is South Bucks District Council (SBDC). Taplow Parish Council has no decision-making powers on applications but is a consultee on those relating to Taplow Parish. Online documentation relating to any particular application can be accessed via the SBDC/Chiltern planning site 

 Type the application number (eg PL/18/2400/KA ) or address element into the search box. More complex searches can be made by selecting the “Advanced“ option at the top of the page.

Chiltern District Council and South Bucks District Council’s planning teams have now become a joint service.
From 4 December 2017 the combined South Bucks & Chiltern Planning service will operate from the Council Offices in Amersham at King George V House, King George V Road, Amersham HP6 5AW.   All contact phone numbers and email addresses for officers within the new combined Planning service will remain the same.
South Bucks Planning Committee meetings will continue to be held at the Denham offices and Chiltern Planning Committee meetings will continue to be held at the Amersham offices

Information about applications affecting Taplow is maintained on this site. Pending applications are listed. Where we have made a comment to SBDC on an application, these are listed on a separate page “OBJECTIONS”. After decision they are held on our Planning Decisions page.

When a planning application is made, the applicant has no legal requirement to publicise the application at all, although they are advised to do so by the Council. There is a limited requirement on the District Council in regards to advising neighbours / adjacent properties. This can be read in detail at:

Parish Plan
Taplow created a Parish Plan in 2006 which you can see at PARISH-PLAN There are a number of supporting documents available on request to the clerk.

Emerging Local Plan
The Parish Council is a consultee to the Emerging Local Plan being developed for the period 2014 – 2036 by the District Authority (SBDC). Phase 1 of the Emerging Local Plan has been to public consultation on sites identified by SBDC as being possible opportunity sites to develop. Taplow Parish Council has submitted a response to the consultation:

Pending Applications
The following are the pending applications relating to Taplow and where relevant the objections submitted by the Parish Council immediately beneath the application details. The most recent applications are at the top of the list:

PL/21/2106/AV Shell Maidenhead, Bath Road-1 internally illuminated fascia sign, 1 internally illuminated LIttle Waitrose shop sign, 1internally illuminated Little Waitrose totem sign, 1 non illuminated EVC charging bay sign, 1 non illuminated EVC entrance sign

PL/21/2132/TP Jubilee Mill, Glen Island- Horse Chestnuts x 3 – Crown reduction by less than 1m, pruning wounds by less 20mm diameter. (TPO No 5 1962),

PL/21/1785/FA Victoria Cottage, High Street – Demolition of single storey rear projection (unlisted building within a Conservation Area) and erection of single storey rear extension, alterations to roof including insertion of 2 rear rooflights, rendering of walls and adjustments to the existing parking arrangements.
PL/21/1778/FA Summercroft, River Road – Demolition of existing and erection of a new garage

PL/21/1743/FA 1 Arch Cottage, Amerden Lane- proposed demolition of external toilet and erection of single storey rear / side extension.

PL/21/1796/FA Arcalaur, Bath Road – Change of use to dwellinghouse

PL/21/1717/FA Bridge Cottage Guest House, Bath Road- Change of use to dwellinghouse

PL/21/1759/FA  Autumn House, Rectory Road- Part single/ part two storey side extension incorporating side/ rear balcony with balustrade

PL/21/1758/TP Taplow Cricket Club, Cliveden Road; T1 Cedar – Remove one hanging branch, T2 Holm Oak: Reduce the southern stem back from over Cliveden Road by 2mtrs and, Crown lift to 5.3m to give ground clearance from road, T3 Pine – Fell, T4 Holm Oak – Reduce by 1.5m back from over the road and garden and crown lift to statutory 5.3m, G1 Group of mixed species –
Reduce down to form a 4/5ft hedge, along the path running for approx. 60m, G2
Group of Elms – Fell (TPO/ER/1973/09)

PL/21/1655/FA Elibank Court, Rectory Road – Reconstruction of part of the boundary wall

PL/21/1656/HB  Elibank Court, Rectory Road – Listed Building Consent for reconstruction of part of the boundary wall

PL/21/1381/TP Communal Garden, Cedar Chase, Taplow, Buckinghamshire, ,
Proposal: T44 Cedar – Raise crown base to 2mts

PL/21/1760/KA Communal Garden, Cedar Chase – Works to Trees in accordance with submitted tree Report. (Taplow Village Conservation Area)

PL/21/1646/KA  Ellington Lodge, Ellington Road – Horse Chestnut – Cut back less than 10 small – medium branches north-east corner of property to reduce damage to telephone line at a height of six metres. (Taplow Riverside Conservation Area)

PL/21/1659/KA The Rest, Ellington Road –  Apple tree T1 – Fell (Taplow Riverside Conservation Area)

PL/21/1202/FA Wellbank Cottage Rectory Road – single storey infill

PL/21/1564/KA Elmbank, Hill Farm Road – Removal of the following small trees on south and south west boundary at the rear of the property – T6 Bay, T7 Purple plum, T8 Indian bean tree, T9 Flowering cherry, T10 River birch, T11 Bay, T12 Hornbeam, T16 Indian bean tree. (Taplow Village Conservation Area)

PL/21/1267/KA Briarbank, Ellington Road – T1 – ash – crown reduction by 3 to 4 metres (Taplow Riverside Conservation Area)

PL/21/1170/FA Lamont House, River Road – Demolition of the existing dwelling and erection of a new dwelling with a detached garage/studio building with a swimming pool in the grounds and associated parking and landscaping

PL/21/1178/FA  Lamont House, River Road- Demolition of the two outbuildings and erection of one outbuilding in the same location

PL/21/1065/TP 8 Cedar Chase -Wing-Nut T1 to T5 – Reduce crown height and spread by 2 – 2.5 metres (TPO/SBDC/2002/33)

PL/21/0860/KA and  PL/21/0855/KA Taplow Village Centre: Hazel T1 – Remove damaged stem from over the High street back to source . Crown lift to statutory clearance (5.3m) over the road and car park to allow for clear access and to maintain and contain. Birch T6 – Prune broken branches to tidy, Remove ties, Sycamore T17 – Cut epicormic growth away from telephone line (Conservation Area: Taplow Village)

PL/21/0752/HB 1 Hill House Rectory Road  – listed building consent for installation of a sump pump and tanking of basement

PL/21/0628/FA Elibank Court, Rectory Road – Single storey rear infill extension, loft conversion with 3 rear dormer windows and 1 side and 2 front rooflights and replacement garage door

PL/21/0321/KA and PL/21/0269/TP  Elmbank, Hill Farm Road – T2 -Apple tree (Malus pumila) x 1 – Fell, T3 – Cherry (Prunus avium) x 1 – Reduce side lateral branches by 1.5 – 2 meters (large cavity on trunk) T1 – Oak (Quercus robur) x 1 – Crown thin by 10% on the south side of the crown.
Reduce the lowest branch, overhanging the rear neighbours boundary, by 2 meters.

PL/21/0151/TP Cedar Chase: Copper beech tree (no 115 on plan) – fell. (TPO/ER/1969/03)

PL/21/0105/EU Meca Riding Centre, Wooburn Common Road – certificate of Lawfulness for existing use to allow for the removal of the occupancy restriction

PL/20/4364/FA Cornerways River Road – demolition of office and erection of a dwelling

PL/20/4271/FA Old Stocks, Ellington Road- Single storey front extension, single/first floor/two storey side extension, raising of roof to allow for a loft conversion with 3 front and 3 rear roof lights and timber cladding

PL/20/3960/FA Larchwood House, Heathfield Road, Dropmore – Demolition of house, garden store and garage and erection of detached dwellinghouse with basement

PL/20/4068/PAHAS Green Springs Marsh Lane

PL/20/3960/FA Larchwood House Heathfield Road – rebuild

PL/20/0970/FA Wee Cottage extension

PL/21/0462/HBSA Taplow Court – platform lift

PL/21/0930/CONDA Odds Farm Condition

Strategically important applications that have been decided are held under Planning Decisions