Planning Applications
The Planning Authority is South Bucks District Council (SBDC). Taplow Parish Council has no decision-making powers on applications but is a consultee on those relating to Taplow Parish. Online documentation relating to any particular application can be accessed via the SBDC/Chiltern planning site 

 Type the application number (eg PL/18/2400/KA ) or address element into the search box. More complex searches can be made by selecting the “Advanced“ option at the top of the page.

Chiltern District Council and South Bucks District Council’s planning teams have now become a joint service.
From 4 December 2017 the combined South Bucks & Chiltern Planning service will operate from the Council Offices in Amersham at King George V House, King George V Road, Amersham HP6 5AW.   All contact phone numbers and email addresses for officers within the new combined Planning service will remain the same.
South Bucks Planning Committee meetings will continue to be held at the Denham offices and Chiltern Planning Committee meetings will continue to be held at the Amersham offices

Information about applications affecting Taplow is maintained on this site. Pending applications are listed. Where we have made a comment to SBDC on an application, these are listed on a separate page “OBJECTIONS”. After decision they are held on our Planning Decisions page.

When a planning application is made, the applicant has no legal requirement to publicise the application at all, although they are advised to do so by the Council. There is a limited requirement on the District Council in regards to advising neighbours / adjacent properties. This can be read in detail at:

Parish Plan
Taplow created a Parish Plan in 2006 which you can see at PARISH-PLAN There are a number of supporting documents available on request to the clerk.

Emerging Local Plan
The Parish Council is a consultee to the Emerging Local Plan being developed for the period 2014 – 2036 by the District Authority (SBDC). Phase 1 of the Emerging Local Plan has been to public consultation on sites identified by SBDC as being possible opportunity sites to develop. Taplow Parish Council has submitted a response to the consultation:

Pending Applications
The following are the pending applications relating to Taplow and where relevant the objections submitted by the Parish Council immediately beneath the application details. The most recent applications are at the top of the list:

PL/20/2714/FA 1Mill Island House, Glen Island – Single storey side extension

PL/20/2917/TP  1 Mill Island House, Glen Island – Works according to a schedule (ERDC TPO 5,1962)

PL/20/2980/KA Harefield, River Road – T1 – Tree of Heaven located on driveway along public bridleway. Remove broken branches and prune., T2 -Horse Chestnut tree located on driveway along public bridleway. The tree consists of 4 large Trunks, removal of 2 of the trunks, one with a large hole in it and another leaning at a dangerous 45% angle., T3 – Horse Chestnut
tree located in stable yard. Fell,

PL/20/2652/FA West View, Marsh Lane – Single storey side and rear extension with pitched roof incoporating 4 roof windows

PL/20/2691/FA Newlands, Ellington Road – Loft conversion with the addition of a rear dormer and rooflights to front and rear elevation

PL/20/2453/FA East Bank, River Road – Infill single storey rear extension Changes and addition to roof lights. flues and vents to outside.

PL/20/2824/KA 7 Cedar Chase, Taplow – T1 Beach tree, reduce in height and spread by 2 meters (Taplow Village Conservation Area)

PL/20/2246/FA Maidenhead Sea Cadets, Mill Lane – Erection of new Maidenhead Sea Cadets headquarters following demolition of existing building

PL/20/2490/KA The Old Rectory, Rectory Road -T1 – Blue Atlas Cedar – Crown reduce by up to 3m by selectively reducing overextended limbs back to suitable anatomical growth points and remove previously storm damaged/broken limbs and major deadwood from throughout canopy.

PL/20/2461/KA The Red House, River Road – T1: Willows x 2. Repollard to previous pruning points

PL/20/2127/FA Harefield River Road – first floor side extension over existing balcony

PL/20/1957/FA 1 Stockwells – two storey side extension

PL/20/1815/FA River Bank House, River Road – Demolition of existing garage and erection of a new garage/outbuilding

PL/20/1921/VRC Taplow House Hotel, Berry Hill – Variation of Condition 18 of planning permission PL/18/4428/FA (Erection of conservatory and new link corridor , construction of hydro pool and terrace. Conversion and refurbishment of basement/two bedrooms at ground floor to spa facility. Provision of covered link to basement.) to allow for: Relocation of Male Toilet from Basement to Ground Floor with area formerly occupied by Male Toilet becoming
Manicure/Pedicure Studio. New Accessible Toilet installation located off Reception.
Substitution of single external door to Conservatory to double door.,

PL/20/1970/FA Taplow House Hotel, Berry Hill – Remedial repairs to existing storage area located at basement level.

PL/20/1971/HB Taplow House Hotel, Berry Hill – Remedial repairs to existing storage area located at basement level.

PL/20/1922/HB Taplow House Hotel, Berry Hill – Proposed internal alterations to include
relocation of Male Toilet from Basement to Ground Floor and formation of new
Accessible Toilet. Area formerly occupied by Male Toilets to become Manicure
Pedicure Studio. Single external door to proposed Conservatory to be substituted for
double door

PL/20/1832/FA Hitcham Lodge, Hitcham Lane – Replacement of existing outbuilding with greenhouse; retention of stables.

PL/20/0659/FA Hitcham Lodge Hitcham Lane – replacement of existing outbuilding to provide housekeepers accommodation

PL/20/1345/CONDA Land Adjacent To , 5 Ellington Gardens – Application for approval of details reserved by conditions 6 & 7 of planning permission 16/01678/FUL. ( Demolition of existing garages and construction of dwellinghouse.) The application has now been amended

PL/20/1439/FA 1 River Close, Ellington Road – Erection of a detached outbuilding

PL/20/1173/HB Cliveden Hotel – Listed Building Consent for : Recovering of existing lead roof in lead, with associated repairs to timber deck and structure which have been affected through
wet rot. Introduction of ventilated kerbs to perimeter of roof and roof lights, and thermal insulation to roof structure.

PL/20/1202/FA Hitcham Lodge, Hitcham Lane – Erection of greenhouse to replace part of existing outbuilding

PL/20/0970/FA Wee Cottage, High Street –  Part two storey part single storey side/rear extension

PL/20/0659/FA Hitcham Lodge, Hitcham Lane – Replacement of existing outbuilding to provide housekeeper’s accommodation.

PL/20/1085/KA 1 River Close, Ellington Road – T1 Willow – fell, T2 conifer – height reduction, T3 Holly – height reduction to gutter

PL/20/0971/HB Wee Cottage, High Street – Part two storey part single storey side/rear extension.

PL/20/0742/FA2 Amerden Cottage, Amerden Lane – Two storey side extension (first floor extension over single storey extension permitted under PL/19/1939/FA, replacement septic tank, installation of soakaway and connecting pipes

PL/20/0746/FA Challen’s Chick Farm, Marsh Lane – Erection of new dwelling for agricultural worker

PL/20/0819/FA Hitcham Glebe, Hunts Lane – Replacement of existing featherboard fence with brick wall to same location and height

PQ/20/40005/PREAPP Mysteria, Rectory Road – CONFIDENTIAL advice re loft conversion with windows

PL/20/0808/KA  Fausto, Ellington Road – T1 Crab apple – Reduce main leaders by 1m and shape, T4 Mulberry – reduce by 1.5-1.75m (Taplow Riverside Conservation Area)

PL/20/0624/EU 3 Elm View Rectory Road – Lawful development certificate for an existing use or operation or activity including those in breach of a planning condition

PL/20/0396/KA Acacias Ellington Road – misc tree work

PL/20/0318/TP Taplow House Hotel Berry Hill – works to cedar in main car park

PL/19/4152/FA 1 Stockwells – two storey side and single storey rear extension

PL/20/0223/FA Priory Cottage Rectory Road – loft conversion with rear dormers and roof lights to front and one side

PL/20/0188/RM Stanley Jones Playing Field, Taplow United Football Club, Berry Hill, -Erection of 20m monopole to support 2no. telecommunications antennas with the installation of 2no. 0.3m dishes and ground based equipment cabinets

PL/20/0079/VRC Taplow House Hotel – amended plans

PL/19/4310 FA 7 Laychequers Meadow – two storey side extension

PL/19/4217/VRC 2 Amerden Cottage Amerden Lane – to allow for a first floor extension above the side extension

PL/19/4347/HB & 4346/FA 4 Awdry Cottage Hunts Lane – Listed Building consent and planning permission for erection of detached dwelling following demolition of existing one and new vehicular access to Hunts Lane

PL/19/4309/TP Estate Office 136 Cliveden Gages – misc tree work

PQ/19/40648/PREAPP – Rectory Farm Rectory Road – confidential advice given re erection of brick wall to replace fence

PL/19/2637/FA Shell UK – demolition of existing shop and car wash and erection of new shop, car parking spaces and electric charger

PL/19/4100/FA – Burwood House Taplow Common Road – erection of replacement dwellinghouse and outbuilding following demolition of existing dwellinghouse etc , closure of existing access.

PL/19/4137/EU Cliveden Stud House Cliveden Road – certificate of lawfulness to confirm the  occupancy conditions ( 5 and 6 ) have been breached for a period of at least 4 years and are no longer enforceable.

PL/19/4133/KA Harefield River Road – acacia , fell

Pl/19/4046/TP Bridge Court Bath Road – Ash , remove dead wood, sever ivy.

PL/19/3586/FA &PL/19/3587/HB Cliveden House Conservatory – misc works to café and erection of temporary cafe

PL/19/4053/KA Hill Farm  – Work to two poplars

PL/19/4050/KA Pine Lodge River Road – Pine, crown thin etc

PL/19/ 3918/FA Stonecrop  3 Saxon Gardens – demolition of existing dwelling and erection of detached dwelling and detached garage with associated amenity space and car parking

PL/19/3992/FA Kingsdown Marsh Lane – demolition and erection of new dwelling

PL/19/4039/KA Bridge Court Bath Road – Horse chestnut cut back limbs

PL/19/3852/FA Thamesbank, River Road – Single storey rear and side extension including garage/external store. First floor rear balcony. Enlargement of second floor space. Additional front and rear rooflights. Creation of an additional vehicular access.

PL/19/3743/KA Harefield, River Road – Acacia – Fell (Taplow Riverside Conservation Area)

PL/19/3719/KA Taplow Cricket Club, Cliveden Road – T1 – T8 Cedars – reducing any overhanging branches away from wall. (Taplow Village Conservation Area)

PL/19/2358/FA and PL/19/2359/HB Gas Yard, Cliveden Estate, Cliveden Road – Repair and alterations of exterior and interior to form an Education/Function Space and Changing Places facility.

PL/19/3497/TP Redwood Lodge, Mill Lane – T1 Wellingtonia – raise crown by 3m, T2 Horse Chestnut – raise crown by 3m, T3-T4;Crab Apple – prune by 1m and clean crowns, T5 Cherry – fell, T6 Crab Apple – prune;by 1m and clean crown, T7 Leylandii – fell, T9-T10 Yew – fell, T12 Leylandii – reduce;height by 2m, T13 Yew – raise crown by 1-2m, T14 Elder – fell, T15 Horse Chestnut -reduce overhanging branches by 1-2m, T16 Sycamore – fell, G1 Laurel – reduce.

PL/19/3561/KA The Lindens, Rectory Road – T1 Lime: Re-pollard back to old pollard/knuckle points, approx 8.5m. Tree is decaying,T2 Magnolia: Tip reduce by 0.5metre in order to maintain and contain within its own environment, T5 Rowan: Tip reduce by approximately 0.7m in order to maintain and contain within its own environment

PL/19/3301/FA Huntswood Golf Club, Taplow Common Road -Replacement building for use as clubhouse, function and events venue with replacement car park.

PL/19/3350/FA Redwood Lodge, Mill Lane, Taplow – Single storey rear extension

PL/19/3335/VRC 2 Amerden Cottage, Amerden Lane – Variation of condition 2 of PL/19/1939/FA to amend the roof materials for the rear extension,

PL/19/3257/FA St Nicolas Church Of England Combined School, Rectory Road – Single storey front extension for proposed entrance and single storey side infill.

PL/19/3238/TP SGI-UK National Centre, Taplow Court – T1 Oak: Reduce whole crown area by approximately 6metres (SBDC TPO 11 of 1952).

PL/19/3026/FA 2 Amerden Cottage, Amerden Lane – First floor side extension. Erection of double garage/carport following demolition of outbuildings. Installation of septic tank, soakaway and associated works.

PL/19/3215/TP Redwood, Berry Hill, – 1) Beech (T1) – Crown lift up to 5m. Prune back lower growth by 4m (TPO 1951/01)

PL/19/3206/TP – Communal Garden Cedar Chase – T42 Wingnut: Reduce damaged scaffold limb to 1.5 meters from main stem. (TPO2002/33), T214 Willow: Reduce spread to eastern aspect by 3 meters anddeadwood. (TPO 1969/03)

PL/19/3084/AV – The Works Store Unit 11 The Bishop Centre Bath Road – installation of external signs

PL/19/2937/KA Thamesbank, River Road – Sycamore fell

PL/19/2848/KA – Land Fronting 22 To 24 Cedar Chase, T15 Tree of Heaven – reduce limb by 2.5 metres to previous points – tree within a Conservation Area

PL/19/2574/TP SGI-UK National Centre, Taplow Court, Cliveden Road, – misc TPO tree works

PL/19/2666/KA 14 Cedar Chase, -T1- Eucalyptus. Reduce in height to 5.5 meters

PL/19/2484/TP Street Record, Cliveden Gages, – misc tree work on cedars

PL/19/2359/HB and FA Gas Yard, Cliveden Estate, – Repair and alterations of exterior and interior to form an Education/Function Space and Changing Places facility.

PL/19/2420/KA 1 River Court, – works to trees in a conservation area

PL/19/2164/FA – Former Site Of St Regis Paper Mill and Adj Land Including Skindles Hotel Site -Erection of a building containing 4 garages, reconfiguration of parking and replacement of 2 outbuildings with a wall.

PL/19/2298/KA – Thamesbank River Road – misc tree works

PL/19/2072/KA Willow House 4 Ellington Gardens – misc tree work

PL/19/1939/FA  2 Amerden Cottage Amerden Lane – single storey side and rear extension, alterations to front elevations to allow open porch extension and changes to window

PL/19/1312/FA  Taplow Weir Mill Lane – The erection of 2m high galvanised steel palisade fencing around the car park perimeter and new gates at entrance.

PL/19/1199/FA Hitcham Glebe Hunts Lane – erection of single storey rear extension

PL/19/1100/FA Amerden Lodge – Demolition of existing side extension and construction of single storey side and rear extensions

PL/19/1207/KA  1-6 River Court – Pruning of an ash, a group of sycamores and a cherry to provide 2m clearance to property

PL/19/1208/KA  25-30 River Court – Felling to near ground level of a Robinia tree

PL/19/1020/RM – Telecommunication Site EE 78248 Entrance To Miller and Carter Bath Road

PL/19/0955/FA  4 Ye Meads Cottages Ye Meads Dorney Reach – single storey rear extension

PL/19/1036/TP Amerden Barn – felling two poplars protected by TPOs

PL/19/0963/FA Olympia House River Road – demolition of convservatory and removal of two walls of pool hall, replacing doors and windows frames, first floor timber cladding with charred vertical timber and iroco cladding, render the elevations

PL/19/0982/TPO Amerden Barn – remove sycamore

PL/19/0885/FA Cedar Cottage Heathfield Road Dropmore – erection of 2.4 m fence

Pl/19/0852/OA Lamont House River Road – Outline permission for erection of new dwelling following demolition of existing dwelling

PL/19/0774/EU Cliveden Stud -To confirm that the occupancy conditions (5 and 6) in relation to planning permission ER/1466/68 have been breached for a period of at least 10 years and are therefore no longer enforceable.

PL/19/0704/FA 4 Elm View Rectory Road – single storey outbuilding

PL/19/0620/FA 1 Stockwells – construction of new dwelling

PL/19/0311/TP Taplow Quay River Road – misc tree work

PL/19/0222/FA Green Springs Marsh Lane – demolition of existing house and building a new dwelling

PL/19/0276/KA The Red Cottage Hitcham Grange Hill Farm Road – felling a cypress

PL/19/0087/KA Laurel Cottage Ellington Road – sycamore and pear tree , crown reduce

PL/19/0027/FA The Old Boathouse Mill Lane – demolition of existing buildings and hardstanding and erection of 8 dwellings and associated landscaping and vehicular access

PL/19/0045/KA Neighbours Hill Farm Road – oak, lifting outer canopy to 4m above ground level

PL/18/4727/FA Barge Farm Amerden Lane – roof extension inc terrace with timber decking and four rooflights

PL/18/4832/KA Ashbrooke Ellington Road – Conifer fell.

PL/18/4802/KA Rivermere Ellingotn Road – removal of stem from sycamore

PL/18/4641/FA Taplow Boat House Mill Lane – Erection of public house incorporating staff accommodation, car parking and landscaping

PL/18/4429/HB and PL/18/4428/FA Taplow House Hotel Berry Hill – listed building application to erect conservatory and new link corridor,construction of hydropool and terrace, refurbish basement to two bedrooms and spa facility

PL/18/4543/VRC Odds Farm – variation of condition 2

PL/18/4563/KA 7 Cedar Chase – misc tree work

PL/18/4426/FA Stonecrop 3 Saxon gardens – demolition of existing building, erection of detached dwelling detached garage and swimming pool

PL/18/4359/KA Neighbours Hill Farm Road – Oak tree – lift canopy and reduce crown

PL/18/4101/FA 1 Copeland Cottage Marsh Lane – front porch, single storey rear extension and alteration to roof of existing rear projection

PL/18/3981/SA Year round caravan usage Amerden Lane

16/03297 Guards House Waterside Lodge and Thames Riviera Hotel – change of use and alterations to hotel to create 15 apartments, new residential building of 11 apartments to replace annex, create 2x 2 bed houses at Guardhouse and associated car parking and landscaping

PL/18/3946/FA Challen’s chick farm Marsh Lane – erection of agricultural barn

PL/18/3685/FA Flats 1& 3 Cornerways River Road – first floor rear extension to flats

17/02254/FUL Sheepcote Manor Wooburn Common Road – detached garage


Applications that have been decided are held under Planning Decisions