Planning Decisions

The following are the decisions made with the most recent given at the top of the list:-

PL/18/4004/KA 4 Cedar Chase – Eucalyptus – fell. Granted

PL/18/3709/EU Huntswood Golf Course Taplow Common Road – Application for a Certificate of Lawfulness relating to the use of the clubhouse. Refused

Pl/18/2327/HB The National Trust office, Cliveden estate – repair to two sections of boundary wall. Granted

18/00317/FUL Dunloe Lodge Mill Lane – redevelopment to create 9  apartments. Granted

PL/18/3430/SA Roux wedding receptions. Granted

17/02006/RVC Paddock Bungalow – to allow the bungalow to be used by anyone connected to the livery who has 1 horse or more. Refused

17/02005/RVC 1& 2  Garden Cotttages Cliveden Road – to allow to be free of tie to Cliveden Stud. Refused

17/02002/RVC Cliveden Stud – to allow stables to be used as independent livery. Refused

PL/18/3453/SA Kingsdown Marsh Lane – 2 outbuildings. Granted

PL/18/3476/TP 9 Taplow Quays – work on trees. Granted

PL/18/3447/KA 6 Cedar Chase – birch tree reduce by 1-2m. Granted

PL/18/2231/HB National Trust office Cliveden – repair to boathouse slipway GRANTED

PL/18/2963/FA Rectory Farm Rectory Road – outbuilding REFUSED

PL/18/3308/FA 36 Buffins  – single storey front and porch extension and changes to rear fenestration. Granted

PL/18/3048/FA 31 Buffins – vehicle access WITHDRAWN

PL/18/2PL/18/3237/KA Riverlea House Ellington Road – misc tree work GRANTED

PL/18/2736/FA Unit 6 Bishop Centre – new internal staircase GRANTED

PL/18/2768/VRC Land adjacent to 5 Ellington Gardens – variation to allow resiting of new dwelling GRANTED

PL/18/2525/FA Rear of Cranford House Boundary Road – change of use of coach house to form separate dwelling GRANTED

PL/18/2400KA Maryfield High Street – oak trim, crown lift lower branches GRANTED

PL/18/2142/FA Owlscote Marsh Lane -single storey rear extension GRANTED

PL/18/2098/KA Flat 5 The Nutshell River Road – tree works in a conservation area GRANTED

PL/18/2096/TP Redwood Berry Hill – works to TPO trees GRANTED

18/00746/FUL Thames Executive Charters Taplow boatyard – erection of public house inc staff accomodation, car parking and landscaping REFUSED

18/00878/FUL Huntswood Golf Club Taplow Common Road – erection of groundsman’s hut inc staff welfare facilities with demolition of existing hut driving range and storage containers GRANTED

18/00776/FUL Berry Hill farm, Berry Hill – erection of lattice mast and antennae inc satellite dishes and shelter cabin REFUSED

18/00858/LBC and 18/00857/FUL  Cliveden estate – reroofing and internal alterations of conservatory building GRANTED

18/00917/MISC Taplow Station – erection of footbridge and lift shafts GRANTED

18/00772/RVC Former BG depot Mill Lane – ammendments to external appearance of the building GRANTED

18/00741/FUL Maidenhead Sea Cadets Mill Lane – new entrance and changes to hardstanding and car parking GRANTED

18/00783/FUL Rectory Farm Rectory Road – outbuilding – summerhouse REFUSED

18/00705/FUL 3 Cornerways River Road Taplow – first floor extension to flat 3 over flat 1 WITHDRAWN

18/0581/FUL 2 Elm View Rectory Road – part two storey part first floor rear extensions GRANTED

18/00697/FUL Priory Cottage Rectory Road – replacement of garage roof GRANTED

18/00267/FUL Autumn House Rectory Road – part single part two storey extension inc. side rear balcony with balustrade GRANTED

18/00525/CLUED Huntswood Golf Club – outbuilding for storage and workshop GRANTED

18/00625/FUL Wee Cottage High Street – single storey side and first floor rear extensions  GRANTED

18/00507/FUL Roots Garden design – redevelopment to provide 82 bed car home etc REFUSED

18/00110/FUL Autumn House Rectory Road – construction of swimming pool and assoicated plant building. GRANTED

18/00075/RVC Hitchambury House – additional plant room, infill extension on upper ground floor and internal layout modifications GRANTED

17/02212/COND Abbott Wood Heathfield Road Dropmore – remove condition 3 GRANTED

17/02314/FUL Challens Chickens – mobile home for three years for use by agricultural worker GRANTED

17/02225/FUL Odds farm – alterations to existing site access and associated infratstructure and landscaping GRANTED

17/02233/CAN Fausto Ellington road – misc tree work GRANTED

17/01891/FUL St Regis paper mill – construction of boathouse with dwelling above and associated car port REFUSED

18/00818/CAN The Old Manor House Rectory Road – removal of horse chestnut tree. No TPO made

18/00456/FUL Pink Land adj 5 Ellington Gardens – redevelopment to provide two detached dwellings. WITHDRAWN

18/00487/CLOPED The Lindens Rectory Road – single storey rear extensions. REFUSED  – planning permission required

18/00603/TPO Street Record Cliveden Gages – misc tree work. GRANTED

18/00661/TPO Elibank Court Rectory Road – Scott Pine – fell and replace. GRANTED

18/00216/ADV Roux at Skindles – 4 internally and externally illuminated fascia signs 2 externally illumiated fascia signs and 3 non illuminated projecting signs. Granted

17/02183/FUL The Old Boathouse Mill Lane – redevelopment to provide 13 dwellings with associated landscaping and parking. WITHDRAWN

18/00432/CAN Broomcroft River Road – lawson conifer – fell; white breams reduce; laurel cut back. Granted

17/02390/FUL 7 Pages Wharf Mill Lane – single storey rear extension inc first floor balcony. GRANTED

18/00101/TPO Land at Taplow Station – pines x2 Fell. REFUSED

18/00309/CAN Fairview River Road – Yew crown reducitons ; corsican pine tree deadwood. GRANTED

17/02240/FUL Silchester Manor Day Nursery – replacement nursery and 10 2 bedroom apartments. GRANTED

18/00116/FUL Amerden Lodge Amerden Lane – two storey side extension. REFUSED

18/0003/FUL Hawthorns Bath Road – single storey rear extension inc glazed awaning ( retrospective). REFUSED

18/00049/FUL 1 Buffins – replacement garage single sotrey rear extension and vehicular access. GRANTED

17/02228/FUL and 17/02229/LBC Cliveden estate – reconstruction of Dukes Lawn Steps. GRANTED

17/01953/FUL Taplow Mill site – creation of car park for 23 vehicles located off Mill Lane. GRANTED

17/01684/RVC Former BG depot site – variation to allow relocation of office building. GRANTED

17/01898/CLOPED Stonecrop 3 Saxon Gardens- new vehicular access and associated hardstanding – certificate of lawfulness granted

17/02016/ADV Sytner BMW Bath Road – 5 non illuminated flag pole signs. REFUSED

17/02412/FUL 1 Orkney Court – single storey side infill extension. Granted

17/02408/CAN Fairview River Road – Poplar, fell. Granted

17/02232/TPO Communal gardens Cedar chase – wingnut tree group reduce by 20%. GRANTED

17/01867/LBC Rose Cottage High Street – replacement staircase. GRANTED

17/02046/FUL & 17/02047/LBC Cliveden Estate – replace grass path from the Fountain of love to the main entrance. GRANTED

17/02225/FUL Odds farm – alterations to existing site access and associated infratstructure and landscaping. GRANTED

17/01685/RVC St Regis papermill – variation to allow for relocation of boatyard building. GRANTED

17/00209/RVC St Regis Paper Mill site – to permit additional parking . Granted

17/01875/RVC St Regis Paper Mill site – changes to restaurant. GRANTED

17/00243/RVC St Regis paper mill site – to allow a change in opening times. GRANTED

17/02207/CAN Stable Cottage 1 Hitcham Grange – laurel reduce cypress crown raise. No TPO made

17/02134/TPO Upper Lodge Berry Hill – substantial tree works including felling. Consent in part only

17/02211/CAN West Bapsey Cliveden Road – fell offshoot from willow tree. GRANTED

17/02201/CAN Ellington Lodge Ellington road – work to two horse chestnuts and a copper beech. GRANTED

17/02248/CAN Upper Lodge Berry Hill – misc tree work. GRANTED

17/01966/TPO Old Priory Gardens -misc tree work. Granted

17/02044/CAN Riverway Ellington road – Apple tree reduce by 4/5feet and epicormid removal. Granted

17/01921/TPO Folliotts River Road – Thuja,crown reduce. GRANTED

17/01913/TPO Orkney Court – work on London Plane. Granted

17/01965/CAN Village Green rectory Road – misc tree work. GRANTED

17/02178/CAN Folliotts River Road – misc tree work

17/01351/FUL Abbott Wood Heathfield Road – installation of driveway lighting. GRANTED

17/01838/CAN St Nicolas House Rectory Road – misc tree works. GRANTED

17/01528/LBC and 17/01527/FUL Cliveden Estate – new stone cappings, widening lawn. GRANTED

17/01428/LBC SGI-UK – repairs to gate piers. GRANTED

17/01495/FUL Priory Cottage Rectory Road – replacement outbuilding. Granted

17/01592/LBC and 17/01593/FUL Cliveden Estate – construction of visitors toilets, landscaping, storeroom. Withdrawn

17/01419/FUL Windrush Garage Bath Road – canopy to cover car valet area. Granted

17/01484/FUL White Place River Road – single storey rear extension. Granted

17/01605/CAN Weymouth Lodge Ellington Road – Ash, fell. Granted

17/1517/FUL Teesdale Marsh Lane – first floor side extension single storey rear extension inc rear dormer with juliette balcony and front and side rooflights. Granted

17/01308/FUL Green Springs Marsh Lane – replacement dwelling. Granted

17/01749/FUL Wedgewood Ellington Road – front porch single storey side extension and part single part two storey rear extension. Withdrawn

17/01311/LBC National Trust office – installation of 10 temporary art works. GRANTED

17/01474/CAN Taplow Rectory – misc tree work. Granted

17/01329/FUL Willow House 4 Ellington Gardens – outbuilding. Granted

17/01462/CAN Weymouth Lodge Ellington Road – ash; fell. Granted no TPO  made

17/01261/FUL & 17/01262/LBC  4 Awdry Cottage Hunts Lane – replacement detached dwelling and vehicular access. GRANTED

17/01146/FUL4 Railway Cottages Approach Road – part two storey part single storey rear extension. GRANTED

17/01209/FUL Phoenix Club – replacement of floodlights usage restricted to 3 evening per week 19.00-22.00 hours. Granted

17/01142/JNOT The Old Boathouse Mill lane – change of use from office to 18 residential flats and other buildings. Granted

17/01089/FUL Upper Lodge Berry Hill – single storey side extension inc covered link to dwelling, entrance gates with brick piers and vehicular access. Granted

17/01192/CAN Copper Beech Ellington Road – maple fell. Granted

17/00984/FUL St Regis papermill – redevelopment of site for 4 houses. GRANTED

17/00991/FUL  & 17/00992/LBC Cliveden – construction of timber framed welcome kiosk. Granted

17/01164/CAN Rectory Farm Rectory Road – misc tree work. GRANTED

17/00802/FUL Green Tiles River Road – replacement detached dwelling. Granted

17/00253/FUL & 17/00261/LBC Wee Cottage High Street – first floor side extension. Granted

17/00724/RVC Hitchambury Farm Hitcham Lane – amend tree protection plan. Granted

17/1029/ADJ Land in Maidenhead – redevelopment of land north of Chapel Arches. No objections raised by SBDC

17/00785/CROS Taplow Railway station – plans and specs for equipment support. GRANTED

17/00762/TPO Taplow House Hotel – misc tree works. Granted

16/01895/FUL Odds Farm Park – extension to replacement building. Granted

17/00543/FUL Cranford House Boundary Road – part two storey/part single storey rear extension. Granted

17/00502/FUL 3 Amerden Lakes Amerden Lane – single storey rear extension with new stair access terrace. Granted

17/00240/FUL  Rectory Farm Rectory Road – landscaping. GRANTED

17/00241/LBC Rectory Farm Rectory Road – landscaping. LBC consent not necessary

17/00340/FUL Abbot Wood Heathfield Road – single storey security kiosk, erection of light columns along drive and air conditioning platform serving garage annexe and main house. GRANTED

17/00273/FUL & 17/00274/LBC  Odds Farm – single storey front extension. Granted

16/01819/FUL Teesdale Marsh Lane – first floor side extension/single storey rear extension. Front/side rooflights inc rear dormer. REFUSED

17/00277/LBC Maidenhead Railway viaduct Bath Road – repairs and maintenance inc stitching and grouting fractures brickwork repairs replacement track level access hatches and installation of flashing to stringer course. Granted

17/00419/CAN 3 Cedar Chase – cypress, fell. Granted

17/00373/TPO 17/00374/CAN Cedar Chase – misc tree works. Granted

17/00341/CAN Broomcroft River Road – misc tree works. Granted

17/00027/FUL Copper Beech Ellington Road – single storey rear extension. Granted

17/00121/FUL Rossville Marsh Lane – retention of canopies to outbuilidng. GRANTED

17/00067/FUL 6 Ye Meads – rear dormer and insertion of rooflights. GRANTED

16/02438/FUL Thames Executive Charters The Boatyard – temporary building to house show apartment attached to marketing suite. GRANTED

16/02436/LBC Cliveden Estate – proposed electrical switchgear in Sounding Chamber of South Terrace. Granted

16/02394/RVC Abbott Wood Heathfield Road Dropmore – variation of planning permission to allow retention of an outbuilding. GRANTED

16/02199/FUL Hawthorns Bath Road – change of use from C3 to residential care home (C2). GRANTED

16/02174/TEMP St Nicolas School – retention of portable building for 26 weeks. Granted

16/02270/TPO Wellbank Cottage Rectory Road – misc tree work. Consent in part only

16/02269/FUL Abbott Wood Heathfield Road Dropmore – single storey rear extension to garage, conversion of one garage bay and roof space to habitable accomodation.Granted

16/01764/FUL and 16/01765/LBC – Rose Cottage High Street Taplow – part single sotrey part first floor rear extension inc roof lantern. Granted

16/02164/FUL St Regis Paper Mill site – extend one triple garage to a quadruple garage; rebuild one outbuilding to provide a double garage; erect two car ports; reconfigure to allow additional 22 parking spaces. Granted

16/02106/FUL 1 Amerden lakes – single storey side extension. GRANTED

16/02336/CROS Maidenhead Railway Viaduct – heritage deed amendment request. Granted

16/01918/RVC – St Regis paper mill – to allow phased remediation reports. GRANTED

16/02133/LBC Odds Farm House – single storey side/rear extension. REFUSED

16/01976/OUT Lattice Cottage River Road – detached dwellinghouse with vehicular access and associated parking. REFUSED

16/02127/LBC Blenheim pavilion Cliveden Estate – reinstate to original. Granted

16/02207/TPO and 16/02229/CAN Longacre River Road – remove a stem from Horse Chestnut; Limex3 repollard. Granted

16/02061/TPO Elibank COurt Rectory Road – misc tree work including 3 fellings. Granted

16/02157/CAN Pax Cottage High Street – silver birch fell and holly reduce in height. GRANTED

16/01961/FUL Abbott Wood Heathfield Road Dropmore – outbuilding. WITHDRAWN

16/02148/FUL Former Gas Holder Mill Lane – Construction of gas govenor kiosk and associated compound works. GRANTED

16/02059/CAN The Red House River Road – Maple – crown lift; willows – pollard. GRANTED

16/01526/RVC   Tesco The Bishop Centre – to extend delivery hours. GRANTED

16/01815/FUL 4 Railway Cottages Approach Road – change of use of agricultural land to residential. WITHDRAWN

16/01462/FUL Huntswood Golf Club – replacement building for use as venue for weddings conferences and events, landscaping and car park. REFUSED

16/01757/FUL  4 Awdry Cottages Hunts Lane – replacement dwelling. REFUSED

16/01758/LBC 4 Awdry Cottages Hunts Lane – replacement dwelling. GRANTED

16/01739/FUL Abbott Wood Heathfield Road Dropmore – single storey rear extension to existing garage and conversion of one garage bay  to habitable accommodation. Granted

16/01849/TPO Taplow Quays River Road – horse chestnut and london plane – reduce reshape and crown balance. Granted

16/01871/CAN Allington Cottage Hill Farm Road – leylandii crown reduce. Granted

16/01860/CAN Maidenhead Rowing Club River Road – misc tree works. Granted

16/01847/CAN Taplow Quays River Road – misc tree works. Granted

16/01678/FUL Land adjacent to 5 Ellington Gardens – demolition of existing garages and erection of a dwellinghouse. REFUSED

16/01588/FUL St Regis Paper Mill – installation of lighting at approved marketing suite. GRANTED

16/01587/ADV Taplow Mill, Mill Lane – advertisement on river bank wall, two free standing signs and banner. Granted in part.

16/01627/LBC National Trust Office, Cliveden Estate – Listed building application for: Feathers gate masonry repair, decoration of ironwork and reconstruction of north ancillary pier. Granted

16/01458/FUL Mill Island Mill Lane – redevelopment of site to provide one detached dwelling and associated car parking. Granted.

16/01467/FUL and 16/01468/LBC The May Barn Wooburn Common Road – alterations to windows and doors.GRANTED

16/01337/FUL 3 Amerden Lakes Amerden Lane – two rear dormers in existing roof slope. Granted

16/01287/FUL and 16/01288/LBC Neighbours Hill Farm Road – single storey rear extension. GRANTED

16/01228/ADV Dumb Bell, Bath Road – 1x externally illuminated fascia sign, 1x externally illuminated set of letters, 2x externally illuminated post mounted corex signs,2x internally illuminated double legged entrance signs.GRANTED

16/01184/FUL & 16/01185/LBC Cliveden Estate, Cliveden Road – Painted iron fence and gates at Parterre level to west of the South Terrace. Flagstone bases for 4 benches on the West Lawn. GRANTED

16/01070/FUL Dumb Bell, Bath Road – Bifold doors and patio area with jumbrella, post and rope fencing and glass balustrade. Bull statue and 1.8m high close boarded fence with yard entrance gates. Granted

16/00989/FUL Briar Cottage, River Road – Replacement detached garage and carport. Granted

16/00965/FUL 6 Ye Meads Cottages, Ye Meads – Rear dormer. Refused

16/01022/FUL Scout Hut, Institute Road – Single storey rear extension incorporating covered standing area. REFUSED

16/01003/FUL The Bungalow Ye Meads – single storey rear extension and roof extension. GRANTED

16/01153/CAN Springfield Stables Marsh Lane – leylandii – fell. Granted

16/01090/CAN Cherry House River Road – Misc work on 6 trees. GRANTED

16/00906/FUL Harefield River Road – provision of new double entrance gates. Granted

16/00920/FUL 3 Amerden Lakes Amerden Lane – basement single storey rear extension and first floor rear terrace and glass balustrade. WITHDRAWN

16/00893/TEMP Mill Lane – marketing suite. Granted

16/00698/CLOPED – Bucksgrove, Bath Road – side and rear extensions. Granted

16/00718/FUL 3 and 4 Hill Farm Cottage Hill Farm Road –  single storey rear extension. Granted

16/00845/CAN The New Rectory Rectory Road – misc tree works. Granted

16/00682/CAN – The Red Cottage – tree fell. Granted

16/00297/ADV and 16/00316/LBC – The Feathers, refused

16/00841/NMA – Queen Anne Cottage – permitted

16/00801/NMA – 1 Orkney Court – permitted

16/00802/NMA – Queen Anne Cottage – withdrawn

15/03339/FUL – 2 Hill Farm Cottages – Amendment permitted

16/00606/COND – Amerden Priory – Response despatched

16/00522/FUL – Cliveden Estate –  Replacement refreshments kiosk PERMITTED

16/00467/FUL – The Bungalow Ye Meads – single storey rear extension, roof extension and partial conversion of attached garage and store into habitable accommodation. REFUSED

16/00504/TPO – 1 Cedar Chase – T1 Lime crown reduction by 33% and reshape. Granted

16/00375/CAN – 1 Cedar Chase – T2 conifer crown reduction by 33%. GRANTED

16/00207/CAN – The Old Coach House rectory Road – fell 7 trees, crown reduce holly. GRANTED

16/00071/FUL – Scout Hut, GRANTED

16/00062/CLOPED – Green Springs Marsh Lane; Mostly refused

16/00025/FUL and16/00026/LBC Cliveden Estate – repairs and alterations to south terrace. GRANTED

15/02485/CROS – Maidenhead railway viaduct Bath Road – heritage deed amendment request and method statement. GRANTED

15/02387/SNO – Odds Farm Wooburn Common Road – change of use to state funded school or nursery. REFUSED

15/02482/GPDE – Green Springs Marsh Lane – single storey rear extension. GRANTED

15/02438/CLUED – Green Springs Marsh Lane – REFUSED

15/02365/TNOT – Verge Adjacent To Windrush Volkswagen, Bath Road – installation of a 15m high monopole supporting 3 no. antennas and 2 no. 300mm transmission dishes, 2 no. radio equipment cabinets and development works ancillary thereto. -Taplow Parish Council raises concerns about this notification. We consider it too close to the Grade I listed Maidenhead Bridge. The recent SBDC approvals for development of the Mill Lane site placed considerable emphasis on this point, strictly limiting the design choices allowed to the developers in the areas adjacent to the bridge. The mast should be re-sited in a less obtrusive position. REFUSED

15/02321/FUL – 1 Orkney Court Cliveden Road – single storey side extension linking building and garage. GRANTED

15/02229/FUL – 2 Hill Farn Cottages – single storey rear extension. GRANTED

15/02283/TPO – Communal Garden Cedar Chase – misc tree work. GRANTED

15/02156/CAN – Communal Gardens Cedar Chase – misc tree work. No TPO made

15/02217/CAN – SGI Taplow Court – cedar and cherry – fell. No TPO made

15/02207/TPO – Taplow Quays – Horse chestnut and London Plane – 5m cut back to secondary branches NO TPO

15/02206/TPO – Taplow Quays – Plum – fell; Bay – reduce in height by 1.5m. No TPO made

15/02259/CAN – Former BG depot site – Poplar x2 and Sucamore x 2 – Fell. No TPO made

15/01810/FUL Cliveden – Internal alterations to Clutton, Garden Wing and Astor Garage. Extension to Clutton Wing and erection of external storage compound. GRANTED

15/02084/FUL – Queens Lodge, Permitted

15/02040/TEMP  – Use of 2 shipping containers as toilet facilities for car boot sale between 15th March and 31st November for a temporary period of 3 years. GRANTED

15/02082/CAN – Rectory Farm, Rectory Road – T1 walnut, crown reduce by 1/3; T2-T4 Holly, fell. GRANTED

15/01789/TPO River Court – crown reduction on Eucaplytus and two acacias. GRANTED

15/02137/ADJ – Redevelopment of Land West Of Crown Lane Including Part Hines Meadow Car Park And La Roche And The Colonade, High Street, Maidenhead, Berkshire. NO OBJECTION

15/01927/FUL -St Regis paper mill – temporary building to house a marketing suite GRANTED

15/01926/ADV – St Regis paper mill – 18 non illuminated hoarding signs, 15 non illuminated free standing signs and 11 non illuminated flag pole signs. GRANTED

15/01973/CAN – 3 Red Roofs bath road – 1 willow fell. GRANTED

15/01676/FUL Rosaden Marsh lane – single storey front extension. GRANTED

15/01648/FUL Holly Cottage Hill Farm Road – single storey rear extension. GRANTED

15/01561/CLOPED Penwyvern Marsh Lane – single storey rear extension certificate of lawfulness. GRANTED

15/01613/FUL Queen Anne Cottage Cliveden Road – two storey rear extension. GRANTED

15/00656/FUL Land south side fo Institute Road -17 dwelling houses. GRANTED

15/01485/FUL Unit 4 Bishop Centre – 11 air conditioning units and associated plant works. GRANTED

15/01539/FUL Land west of Cliveden Road – extension of existing car park from 50 to 75 spaces. GRANTED

15/01041/FUL St Regis paper Mill – redevelop BG site and sea cadets. GRANTED

15/01039/FUL St Regis paper Mill and adj land – redevlopment  The parish council has submitted  comments on this application. See below at very bottom of page*** GRANTED

15/01040/FUL St Regis paper mill – proposed footbridge. GRANTED

15/01348/FUL Odds Farm – replacement building ancillary to use as country park. GRANTED

15/01598/CAN 4 Desborough Cottages Hill Farm Road – C herry; cut back from phone cables and remove limb. Lift to 2.5m. No TPO made.

15/01414/CAN 6 Church Cottages Hill Farm Road – conifer fell. NO TPO MADE

15/01326/CAN 1 Desborough Cottages Hill Farm Road – conifersx2 – fell to ground level. NO TPO MADE

15/01153/FUL Maidenhead rowing club – extension of clubhouse to provide additional dry land training facilities. The parish council has submitted strong objections to this application. See below at very bottom of page***REFUSED

15/01232/FUL Alveston Mill Lane – extensions. GRANTED

15/01315/CAN Skindles site – fell trees. Granted. No TPO made.

15/01172/FUL Greenacre Marsh Lane -single storey rear and first floor side extensions. Granted

15/01047/FUL Eriska Rectory Road – replacement dwelling and detached garage. GRANTED

15/01073/ADV Bishop Centre – 4 internally illuminated fascia signs, 2 non-illuminated signs. GRANTED

15/00968/FUL Bucksgrove, Bath Road – Replacement front porch and attached garage. Part-single/part-two storey side/rear extension incorporating roof alterations and first floor balcony. GRANTED

15/00995/FUL Land north of Maryfield House High Street – detached dwelling. Refused.

15/00972/TPO Fieldon House, Berry Hill – Hornbeam – reduce damaged stems by 25% and reduce 3 main stems by 15%. CONSENT in part only to remove damaged stems.

15/00940/CLUED The Hermitage, Bath Road – Application for a Certficate of Lawfulness for Existing: Use of building and property curtilage as office use. GRANTED

15/00817/FUL Foinaven, Marsh Lane – Side/rear extension, creation of first floor with front and rear dormers and demolition of garage, boiler room and canopy. GRANTED

15/00834/FUL Bouree Ellington Road – two storey side extension. GRANTED

15/00964/CAN The Croft Ellington Road – fraxinus excelsior, fell. No TPO made.

15/00786/FUL Dropmore – tree works. Granted.

15/00431/FUL Green Springs Marsh lane – single storey rear extension. GRANTED

15/00622/DMA Green Springs Marsh Lane  – replacement steel framed barn.Planning Permission is required.

15/00589/FUL Woodland Car Park Cliveden Road – extending spaces from 50 to 100. Refused

15/00615/FUL Unit 8 Bishop Centre – external seating area. Granted

15/00616/ADV Unit 8 Bishop Centre – two non illuminated fascia signs. Granted

15/00592/CAN Rear of Summercroft River Road – ash tree section felling. No TPO made

15/00580/CAN Old Manor House Rectory Road – sycamore repollard, unidentified tree reduce by 80%. No TPO made

15/00225/FUL Apple Tree Cottage River Road – single storey glazed side extension. GRANTED

15/00428/FUL Land at Odds Farm Park – stable block. GRANTED

15/00404/FUL 1 Rose Cottage Marsh Lane – two storey side and single storey rear extensions. GRANTED

15/01394/JNOT The Hermitage Bath Road – permitted

15/01583/DMD Gas Holder Station – permitted

15/00368/FUL Cliveden House – installation of air conditioning to Mansion House. GRANTED

15/00254/FUL Old Stocks Ellington Road – single storey rear extension. GRANTED

15/00348/CAN Fairview River Road – three trees fell. NO TPO MADE

15/00049/FUL SGT Station Road – redevelopment of site to provide 18 flats vehicular access and parking (ammt to scheme for block 2). GRANTED

15/00670/TPO Upper Lodge Berry Hill – misc tree work. Consent in part only

15/00445/JNOT The Hermitage Bath Road – change of use to residential.WITHDRAWN

15/00130/TPO White Place River Road – tree works. GRANTED

15/00296/FUL Tesco Bishop Centre – 20 additonal parking spaces. GRANTED

15/00243/FUL The Old Manor House Rectory Road-single storey rear extension inc glazed gable alts to hipped roof and 3 additional rooflights. GRANTED

15/00233/CAN Acacias Ellington Road – Bay 60%crown reduction; evergreen cut back. No TPO made

15/00191/ADV Bishop Centre – illuminated and non illuminated signs.  Granted

15/00190/FUL Bishop Centre – cooler units. Granted

15/00240/CAN Newlands Ellington Road – Pear 50% crown reduce:Pear and Apple tree – fell. NO TPO made.

15/00120/FUL Maidenhead Rowing Club – extension of clubhouse. WTHDRAWN

14/02406/VC Dropmore park – ammendments to roof, removal of first floor mezannine and alterations to Blow and Billiary cottage.GRANTED

15/00154/FUL 4 Salters Row Wooburn Common Road – single storey rear extension. REFUSED

14/2423/VC Dropmore Park – conversion to one residential dwelling,restoration works and construction of detached guest house. GRANTED

14/02391/FUL Dropmore – tree works in Pinetum. GRANTED

14/01830/ADJ Proposed Footbridge Mill Lane. WITHDRAWN

14/01716/FUL Proposed footbridge Mill Lane – amended plans. WITHDRAWN

14/01716/FUL Proposed footbridge Mill Lane. WITHDRAWN

14/02451/FUL Amerden Priory – replacement detached outbuilding inc double garage car ports and store.REFUSED

14/02391/FUL Unit 4-5 Bishop Centre -works to amalgamate the units.GRANTED

14/02338/FUL 1 Rose Cottage Marsh Lane – two storey rear extension. REFUSED

14/01620/VC The Bishops Centre – allow increase in quantum of A3 floorspace. Granted

14/02019/FUL 5 Orkney Court Cliveden Road – rear conservatory. Granted

14/02274/FUL Abbott Wood Heathfield Road – single storey side and front/side extension and first floor side extension. Granted.

14/02299/FUL & 14/02300/LBC  Cliveden Hotel  – installation and replacement of units relating to cooling systems. Granted

14/02290/TPO Dropmore – various tree surgery. GRANTED

14/02203/FUL Penwyvern Marsh Lane – first floor side and single storey rear extensions and loft conversion inc rear dormer. REFUSED

14/02177/TPO 1 Wellbank – cypress crown reduce by 3m. REFUSED. Crown lift by 2m – Consent Granted.

14/02223/LBC Cliveden Hotel – internal alterations to the Mansion House. Granted.

14/02075/CAN West Bapsey, Cliveden Road – conifer fell. No TPO made. Granted

14/02117/LBC Cliveden Hotel – internal alterations to Valet wing linking ground floor to West Wing corridor, alterations to ground floor rooms providing two new bedroom suites with store rooms at lower ground floor. GRANTED

14/01760/FUL Maidenhead Holder Station – additional plans.WITHDRAWN

14/01714/FUL Mill Lane site application by Berkeley Homes – major redevelopment of entire paper mill site.REFUSED

14/01715/LBC Glen Island House – conversion of existing building into 1 two bed apartment and 3 three bed apartments. Granted

14/01952/FUL 3 Cornerways River Road – first floor side extension with replacement balcony. Granted

14/02013/FUL Old Lodge East – conversion of double garage to living accomodation with associated external alterations and provision of two parking spaces. Granted

14/02026/FUL  Copper Beech Ellington Road – outbuilding .GRANTED

14/01969/FUL and 14/01970/LBC Cliveden Hotel – install and replace fan coil units and external condenser to West Wing and Clutton Kitchen Wing. GRANTED

14/01768/VC and 14/01769/VC   Dropmore park Heathfield Road – approval of alterations to proposed orangery. Granted

14/02030/CAN Willow House 4 Ellington Gardens – reduce hedge to boundary. No TPO made

14/02018/CAN Fairview River Road – tree works. No TPO made

14/01913/FUL Hill Farm – sandschool with canter track and horsewalker. Granted

14/01918/TPO The Nutshell River Road – ash crown reduce. GRANTED

14/01872/JNOT and 14/01871/JNOT The New Boathouse Mill Lane – REFUSED

14/01846/OUT Land adjacent to 5 Ellington Gardens – new dwellinghouse to replace garages. REFUSED

14/01919/CAN The Nutshell River Road – conifer fell and conifer crown reduce. NO TPO MADE.

14/01804/LBC Cliveden Hotel – internal alterations to west wing clutton kitchen wing and mansion house. GRANTED

14/01199/FUL SGT Station Road – ammts to Block 2 of redevleopment to provide 18 flats. REFUSED

14/01819/CAN East Bapsey Cliveden Road – eucalyptus – fell; purple acer- prune up to 1m from telephone line;conifer hedge- reduce in height by 30%. NO TPO made.

14/01742/ADV Majestic Wine 11 Bath Road – two internally illuminated fascia signs. GRANTED

14/01417/FUL Odds Farm – detached two storey building. REFUSED

14/01066/OUT Silchester Manor Day Nursery – redevelopment of site to provide day nursery with associated parking and four dwellinghouses. REFUSED

14/01358/FUL Mandarin House Ellington Road – side dormer windows and roof lights. REFUSED

14/01573/ADJ Former cinema site Bridge Avenue Maidenhead – substantial redevleopment.SBDC No objection

14/01439/FUL TK Maxx – installation of air conditioning units adn associated plant. Granted

14/01287/LBC Dropmore Estate – conversion into one residential dwelling house and detached guest house. Granted

14/01381/CAN Old Lodge East High St – T3 Spanish Chestnut raise epicormic growth to 6m. NO TPO made

14/01351/ADV Tesco Stores Bishop Centre- various signs inc illuminated sign. GRANTED

14/01222/FUL Fieldon House Berry Hill – replacment garage and new front boundary wall. Granted.

14/01220/FUL Cranford House and Elgin Boundary Road – conversion into one property, construction of two storey and single storey rear extensions and alterations. Granted.

14/01280/FUL Priory Cottage – 2m high wall and gate. GRANTED

14/01225/FUL Woodford House Hill Farm Road – single storey rear extension and porch to new front door and window modification. Granted.

14/01237/TPO Taplow Quays – various tree works on six trees. Consent in part for work on Yew (T1) only. No TPO made in respect of 14/01461/CAN

14/01139/FUL Land to the rear of the Barn Hill Farm Road – detached dwellinghouse. REFUSED

CM/35/14 Berry Hill Farm – variation of condition 4 to allow soil stripping and restoration to occur in phases 1A and 1C in the summer months. WITHDRAWN

14/01143/ADV 38 The Bishop Centre – two internally illuminated fascia signs and one non illuminated projection sign. GRANTED

14/00250/FUL Shell UK Bath Road – replacement sales building and revised parking layout. GRANTED

14/01151/FUL The Bishop Centre Bath Road – totem sign structure and illumination. GRANTED

14/01101/FUL The Bishop centre Bath Road – erection of a site management hut. GRANTED

14/01247/NMA Dropmore Estate – GRANTED

14/01044/ADV Unit 9 Bishop centre – 3 internally illuminated fascia signs and one internally illuminated menu board sign. GRANTED

14/01203/TPO Amerden Priory – removal of sycamore. Granted.

14/01169/TPO Fieldon House Berry Hill – Hornbeam; crown reduce by 20%. Beech ; crown reduce by 20% and crown lift by up to 6m. Consent in part to work on Beech only.

14/01052/MNOT Roots Nursery – change of use to A1 and B8. GRANTED

14/00942/FUL Maa Lesh Station Road – part two storey/part first floor extension to stable to provide tack/feed room and ancillary accomodation above. WITHDRAWN

14/00984/TPO Dropmore, Dropmore Park – various tree surgery. GRANTED

14/01029/CAN The Cottage Rectory Road – conifers. Fell. GRANTED

14/00912/FUL Foinaven Marsh Lane – side extensions, creation of first floor with front and rear dormers. REFUSED

14/00922/FUL Angel Cottage Amerden Lane – single storey side/rear extension. GRANTED

14/00892/CAN Corner Cottage Ellington road – sorbus tree,tip lift and thin canopy. No TPO made.

14/00739/FUL and 14/00740/LBC Cliveden Estate – repairs and alterations to west end of south terrace and chambers. GRANTED

14/00676/FUL Woodford House Hill Farm Road – front porch single storey side extension. First floor front extension and garage loft conversion. REFUSED

14/00814/FUL Mandarin House Ellington Road – side dormer windows and roof lights. WITHDRAWN

14/00074/TPO The Old Malthouse Rectory Road – T3 Cedar prune and remove branches. Granted.

14/00421/CAN Old Lodge West High Street – raise crown of horse chestnut by 5m. No TPO made.

14/00218/CAN Hermitage House Bath road – Sycamore x2 – fell. No TPO made.

14/00666/ADV Nike Unit 3 The Bishop Centre – non-illuminated timber fence hoarding with graphics, illuminated front facade fascia sign and illuminated rear facade fascia sign. GRANTED

14/00633/FUL Bishop Centre – totem sign structure with illumination. REFUSED

14/00400/TPO Old Lodge West High Street – reduce lower crown of horse chestnut. GRANTED

14/00701/CM Berry Hill Farm Berry Hill – variation of condition 15 of 08/01377/CM for extension of time of removal of quarry access. REFUSED

14/00144/TPO SGI UK Taplow Court – T4 Holm Oak reduce, T5 horse chestnut – fell, T6 hornbeams x 2 – re-pollard. GRANTED

14/00434/CLOPED Old Lodge East High Street – provision of two parking spaces. Granted

14/00235/TPO The Other House Amerden Lane – T1 Poplar – fell. T2 & T3 Leylandii – fell. GRANTED

14/00067/VC SGT Station road – vary timings of highway works. GRANTED

14/00297/TPO Old Priory Gardens Rectory Road – various tree surgery. Granted

14/00133/TPO 14 Cliveden Gages- Cedar T15 remove lower limbs. Granted

14/00501/CAN Losuces Hill Farm Road – leylandi conifer tree – fell. No TPO made.



17/01257/LBC Cliveden Estate – relocate urn and plinth

17/01159/FUL Taplow Mill – erection of boathouse with dwelling aboveand extension of carport

17/01037/FUL Flat 2 Chelsea Court Bath Road – detached garage outbuilding

17/00304/FUL 3 Cold Grove Cottages Hill Farm Road – single storey rear extension

17/00382/RVC Land south of Institute road – allow use of PV panels as renewable energy source

17/00243/RVC St Regis Paper Mill site – to allow change in opening times

17/00209/RVC St Regis Paper Mill site – to permit additional parking

17/00163/CAN 5 Cedar Chase – Cypress – fell

17/00165/CAN 7 Cedar Chase – beech – crown reduce

17/00167/CAN 6 Cedar Chase – prune overhead branches

16/01462/FUL Huntswood Golf Club Taplow Common Road – replacement building

16/01278/FUL and 16/01279/LBC Cliveden Estate – refurbish and extend spa pavilion including glazed link within walled garden connecting spa with Clutton wing