Constitutional Documents

Parish Councils are Statutory Bodies and operate under powers and duties laid down by the law. Procedures are governed by constitutional documents of which the Standing Orders are the most important. Click here to download the TPCStanding Orders

It is the law that no decisions may be taken except at properly convened meetings at which the issue to be decided has been put on the agenda and notice of the meeting and agenda is given at least 3 clear working days before a meeting -excluding the day the notice and agenda is published and the day of the meeting. Occasionally in a fast moving situation decisions have to be taken more quickly in which case they must be ratified at a subsequent public meeting.

Councillors are required to abide by a Code of Conduct, available to download here: Code of Conduct2015

Finally, the Parish Council must abide by its Financial Regulations, a copy of which may be downloaded here: TPCFinance regs 2016


In accordance with the GDPR and data protection legislation the way in which Taplow PC handles personal data is set out in the following documents:-

Privacy Notice

Information and data management policy

Document retention and disposal policy

Document retention and disposal policy appendix A

Other Policies adopted

Policy on promotional materialsTPC

Protocol on recordingTPC

Expenses policy

Policy on public use of OPG

Grants policy

Taplow Parish Council Policy on Climate, Nature and the Environment09.06.20


Click here to see the Annual return for 20-21 BU0182-Agar 20-21

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Click here to see the Completed Annual return for 2018/19 BU0182 AGAR BU0182 S3

Click here to view the Annual Return for 2017 -18 AnnualReturn17-18

Click here to view the Annual Return for 2016-2017 tpcannualreturn16-17FINAL

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Assets and Risk

The following is the current risk assessment for Council activities:-

TPC2020RiskAssessmentapproved18th May21

The Asset register is below:-

TPCassetregisteras at 31.03.21